Funeral Prices (1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020)

With the average funeral costing £4,300 excluding lair purchase, funeral tea, flowers and newspaper notices, we feel we are very competitively priced and offer a personal and  professional service. Jamie R Rodgers

Professional Services

which include making the funeral arrangements in accordance with the clients instruction, conducting and supervising the funeral service, providing the appropriate amount of staff, preparation of documentation and liaising with the appropriate authorities, making and receiving all necessary telephone calls, faxes, emails and making all relevant disbursements   payments on behalf of the client.

Professional Services

Burial from                                                                                                                     £700.00

Burial with graveside service from                                                                           £1,000.00

Burial with service at church or other venue from                                                  £1,500.00

Cremation from                                                                                                              £800.00

Cremation with service at crematorium from                                                          £1,300.00

Cremation with service at church or other venue from                                          £1,650.00

Transferring of deceased from hospital/home within 40 miles, hygienic treatment, dressing, preparation

and full care from

This is a brief item description.


Hire of Hearse from

Hire of 6 seater family vehicle (Ford Galaxy) from

Hire of 4 seater family vehicle (Mercedes) from

Coffins from

Ashes Caskets from

Scatter Tubes from

Service Sheets from







90p per copy

Disbursements (paid on your behalf)

Single Burial Lair (Highland Council)

Double Lair

Interment Fee

Direct Cremation Fee (no service)

Cremation Fee

Ashes Lair

Ashes Interment

Delliefure Natural Burial Ground Single Lair from

Registration Fee

Interment Fee

Ashes Plot from

Ashes Interment from













Local Church of Scotland Fee from

Humanist from

Organist Fee from

Piper from





A full and detailed estimate can be 

given once all the funeral details have 

been discussed.


We also have a huge selection of all types of Memorial Stones for sale. Added inscriptions, cleaning and restorations are also services that we offer. 

Funeral Plans

We also offer Golden Charter Funeral Plans. A funeral plan is an easy way to plan ahead. You choose the funeral you want and fix the cost of the funeral director's services included in your plan at today's prices. A plan can save your family worry and expense, and help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time. As the families we serve often tell us, that can be a big weight off your mind.

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